The Problems with Conservatives and Everyone Else

I’ve been experiencing random run-ins with conservatives under the guise of “truth-spreaders” lately. I have nothing against or for the conservative thought pool other than it’s a thought pool. I just wanted to make this clear. I just think that right now, the loud ones are making poor choices and the smart ones are nowhere to be found.

Firstly, when you assert the morality of something you are not spreading truth. Truth is a complex and elusive concept, and no writer or radio show host has grasped it enough that you can cite them carelessly when debating online over democracy and freedom.

Second, if you believe in your governmental system then you absolutely must stop tying in your Christian beliefs with your conservatism. There is no reason to try to make this country the way it was when it started, or to have it stand for what the early settlers believed. We cannot be a Christian nation, and if you love democracy you should realize that. Isn’t being Christian as a person enough?

Thirdly, I’d like to dismantle all of this by saying that the problems we face in America are too complex to be solved by this bipolarized national war between liberals and conservatives. To constantly attack the other side does nothing for anyone, and to assimilate yourself to one huge party of thought limits your mind because you are not questioning what you are being told. In this game we call politics, we are bred to jab each other with facts, Bible verses, examples, counter-examples, and insults to prove the other person wrong and feel better about ourselves. It is not about wanting solutions anymore. It is a colossal waste of time. To bring politics to our jobs, our childrens’ educations, and our churches is silly and immature, if not incredibly sinful. Don’t be conservative just because your dad is, or because you’re proud of your upbringing. If you really want to live individualistically in this nation, you better start thinking for yourself and be smarter about the media you subject yourself to. Figure out your opinions about something and vote likewise.

With each new president, half of the nation settles on being angry for the next four years, taking every new legislation as an attack on the opposing party, and trying to convince people of what they believe without any success. Liberals did it with Bush, conservatives do it with Obama. The last time we were united was for about an hour on September 11, 2001. Whoever created this political system we have has really succeeded at distracting the public from seeing what’s really going on.

Another point: We vote for political leaders who think like we do and promise to do what we want them to do. Political leaders make every decision based on what their constituents want and place value on. Therefore, each person in this system is serving a mass majority feeling and people are only really voting for themselves. This is truly a democratic success in some ways, but the problem is that general masses of people tend to make bad decisions. And political leaders become puppets who will never reveal how they really feel about something. One person’s brilliant idea will be snuffed by this system, and everyone is waiting for a solution to come from someone, but there is no one person anymore. We in Michigan are waiting for the economy to get better without thinking about what that will look like, what it will require of us, and what creative ideas we can think of to solve this. We are simply sitting here complaining about it while defending the government that causes these problems to continue.