Woonerfs–Shared Streets

Firsly, the Grand Rapids Press had a big fat article on the front page on Wednesday about installing sidewalks on 28th Street. Is this not a direct response to my Letter to the Editor?  I’m going to say it is!!! YAY!

Also, I found this great webpage with tons of examples of “traffic calming” strategies, but most of them are actually encouraging towards bikes and pedestrians. From the Federal Highway Administration??! Fascinating!   My favorite new word is woonerf–a shared street found in Europe and Japan. Basically a street where people can walk and bike, and cars can mozy through, too, if need be.

Cash for Clunkers, Signatures for Better Streets (Wow, that wasn't nearly as catchy as I wanted it to be)

Someone cut the out-of-control bushes at the vacant house on the corner of our street. Clearing the public right-of-way. Sweet!  Fix it, even if you didn’t break it.

I asked probably everyone who’d read this blog to sign this petition but I’ll post it here just in case. I’m not usually a fan of petitions but I’ve realized they’re about spreading awareness more than anything. Michigan needs hellllllllp!  Automobile capital of the world is dyyying. And I want to be able to bike to Meijer.  And my friend Nate wants to bike down a street without getting CHANGE thrown in his FACE. (Wow, thank you road ragers.)

Cash for Clunkers is definitely happening–I mean, HAPPENING. My friend’s dad, who is a mechanic at a dealership, talked about it last night. They completely destroy the engines of perfectly good cars. It’s the law. It’s insane. It’d all be well and good from a global warming perspective…if the cars they’re buying were actually tons better with gas mileage. But a 5 mpg improvement? Really? How is that worth it?  It’s just like the ACES bill…it’s not doing nearly enough.

Website for Michigan Complete Streets Program

Introducing the Michigan Complete Streets Program website, which features an effort to give Michigan residents transportation choices: bicycling, walking, transit, and driving.

This is the most exciting project in Michigan right now. Imagine being able to feasibly bike, walk, bus, AND drive anywhere. (Or as far as your legs/lungs can take you!)

Keep updated on this legislation, participate in the polls, spread the word, support this project!  http://www.michigancompletestreets.com/