Soundscape: No More Pretensions

I’ve been listening to CDs again. It had been iTunes Central in the KimLife for a long time. I got a iShuffle for Christmas. I think I just mushed two words together. I went to a record shop/used cd store/used DVD store/ used amps, record players, and speakers store last weekend. I was selling some of my old CDs that just don’t appeal to me anymore, like Iron and Wine. I was also selling Arcade Fire. Most of my CDs were too scratched up to get any cash for them. The guy going through my CDs got to Arcade Fire and commented “This is a great band.”

“Yeah, they are,” I agreed. Later he asked me why I was selling them. Are you sick of them? he asked. I didn’t know how to answer. I didn’t really think about it. I kind of lumped Arcade Fire in with all the indie bands I have spurned since getting over that phase of my life. But is that fair? What do I really like?

He didn’t buy the Arcade Fire CDs, he only took Johnny Cash, Laura Veirs, and Shannon McNally. I don’t know if Arcade Fire was too scratched or if he wanted me to give them another chance. But I take it as a sign. I listened to Funeral all the way through the other night and really, really enjoyed it.

I have to listen to myself. For some reason, I have been taking other people’s opinions and adopting them as my own, as if they’re more valid. It marks a serious lapse in self-esteem.  No more pretensions for me. What’s good is good.