Cash for Clunkers, Signatures for Better Streets (Wow, that wasn't nearly as catchy as I wanted it to be)

Someone cut the out-of-control bushes at the vacant house on the corner of our street. Clearing the public right-of-way. Sweet!  Fix it, even if you didn’t break it.

I asked probably everyone who’d read this blog to sign this petition but I’ll post it here just in case. I’m not usually a fan of petitions but I’ve realized they’re about spreading awareness more than anything. Michigan needs hellllllllp!  Automobile capital of the world is dyyying. And I want to be able to bike to Meijer.  And my friend Nate wants to bike down a street without getting CHANGE thrown in his FACE. (Wow, thank you road ragers.)

Cash for Clunkers is definitely happening–I mean, HAPPENING. My friend’s dad, who is a mechanic at a dealership, talked about it last night. They completely destroy the engines of perfectly good cars. It’s the law. It’s insane. It’d all be well and good from a global warming perspective…if the cars they’re buying were actually tons better with gas mileage. But a 5 mpg improvement? Really? How is that worth it?  It’s just like the ACES bill…it’s not doing nearly enough.