“Old” Buildings

Last Friday I went walking around Lowertown in Ann Arbor to observe a certain area for my Urban Design class.  It was amazing. Want to see my favorite part?

How old do you think it is? In what decade did someone dream this design up?  My friend Anne thinks it’s gross but I’d live in it in a hot second.

Yeah this is a screen shot from Google Streetview. The ultimate stalker’s tool. When you’re stalking places. Like me.  Down the street was a psychoanalyst’s office in a building from 1886 which used to also be a brewery.  All the houses are close together and were built all different times. You can see the late 1800s, 60s, 70s, 80s. It’s nuts. The oldest commercial building is down the road on Broadway and it’s from 1832. It’s now a thrift shop.

My professor said certainly people did not build here “just because the river was pretty.” And I thought, yeah right. That was the romantic period. They idolized nature like it was a sin. These old brick buildings are pretty as heck. They cared more about aesthetics than we do today, for sure.


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