Jesus’ words out of context

I’m really glad a West Michigan church renamed itself “.thepoint” Wow. What a long-lasting, strong foundational name for a church. Way to change with the trends. Except we all know that the point is a direct allusion to the 1960s cartoon movie featuring the music of Harry Nilsson. Watch Here.

You know the verse everyone points to to assert that Christianity is the only way? “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father, except through me.”

Why do we think that Jesus means no other religion is the way to God except through him? He was talking to a bunch of Jews who probably had never heard of Buddhism, Hinduism, or any of the religions Christians say are B.S. He was talking to people who were following 600+ laws in hopes of getting to Heaven. How do we know that this is a condemning statement and not an invitation to be set free from the law? What if it really means, “you can’t get to God by what you do. Trust me instead.”

Where do we get off telling people who goes to heaven and who doesn’t? This isn’t even about heaven. It’s about living in a heavenly way. Being happy. It’s a daily struggle, like the chick busting his way out of an egg. But you can do it. You can totally do it!


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