Just another blogger in your life

o maybe I seemed a little angry in my last post or maybe tons of people disagree with me. I have to be okay with that. I am a very impressionable person so having opinions is weird for me. Also, I am glad to discover that my plan worked since I got a lot of views today. I was sick of no one looking at my site because I post a lot about sidewalks and bike lanes and music no one else listens to. Some of my friends are just realizing I have a blog, and I’ve had it for a year!  Coming up on my 3000th view, in fact.

To my 9 Google Reader subscribers, thank you! And thanks to the other faithful readers and thoughtful commenters. I don’t know why I have this blog. Most of the time I am crocheting or painting or doing yoga or working. I’d probably be better off only doing my creative writing after seeing the instant success of Gray’s blog (who knew that furries would incite so much traffic?).

I just feel I have become mean and I don’t want to be. My post about women in films, my conservatives post, my Ugly America post…they’re all so angry at all of you but really I just want to be heard. I’m not mad at anyone. After posting yesterday, I thought long and hard about all the problems of America and how to solve them and my brain hurt. I resorted to focusing on my life again. Small as it is. I constantly waver between the idea that nothing matters and that everything does matter and is so beautiful and broken. I think that waver motion can be translated into a healthy balance of being connected to the world around me while realizing what I believe about it.

With 2009 wrapping up I want to end with some momentum of interesting posts. What will it be? One about dating a guy with Aspbergers? My top 10 movies? Watercolor paintings of penguins? I can do ’em all!

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