The Problems with Conservatives and Everyone Else

I’ve been experiencing random run-ins with conservatives under the guise of “truth-spreaders” lately. I have nothing against or for the conservative thought pool other than it’s a thought pool. I just wanted to make this clear. I just think that right now, the loud ones are making poor choices and the smart ones are nowhere to be found.

Firstly, when you assert the morality of something you are not spreading truth. Truth is a complex and elusive concept, and no writer or radio show host has grasped it enough that you can cite them carelessly when debating online over democracy and freedom.

Second, if you believe in your governmental system then you absolutely must stop tying in your Christian beliefs with your conservatism. There is no reason to try to make this country the way it was when it started, or to have it stand for what the early settlers believed. We cannot be a Christian nation, and if you love democracy you should realize that. Isn’t being Christian as a person enough?

Thirdly, I’d like to dismantle all of this by saying that the problems we face in America are too complex to be solved by this bipolarized national war between liberals and conservatives. To constantly attack the other side does nothing for anyone, and to assimilate yourself to one huge party of thought limits your mind because you are not questioning what you are being told. In this game we call politics, we are bred to jab each other with facts, Bible verses, examples, counter-examples, and insults to prove the other person wrong and feel better about ourselves. It is not about wanting solutions anymore. It is a colossal waste of time. To bring politics to our jobs, our childrens’ educations, and our churches is silly and immature, if not incredibly sinful. Don’t be conservative just because your dad is, or because you’re proud of your upbringing. If you really want to live individualistically in this nation, you better start thinking for yourself and be smarter about the media you subject yourself to. Figure out your opinions about something and vote likewise.

With each new president, half of the nation settles on being angry for the next four years, taking every new legislation as an attack on the opposing party, and trying to convince people of what they believe without any success. Liberals did it with Bush, conservatives do it with Obama. The last time we were united was for about an hour on September 11, 2001. Whoever created this political system we have has really succeeded at distracting the public from seeing what’s really going on.

Another point: We vote for political leaders who think like we do and promise to do what we want them to do. Political leaders make every decision based on what their constituents want and place value on. Therefore, each person in this system is serving a mass majority feeling and people are only really voting for themselves. This is truly a democratic success in some ways, but the problem is that general masses of people tend to make bad decisions. And political leaders become puppets who will never reveal how they really feel about something. One person’s brilliant idea will be snuffed by this system, and everyone is waiting for a solution to come from someone, but there is no one person anymore. We in Michigan are waiting for the economy to get better without thinking about what that will look like, what it will require of us, and what creative ideas we can think of to solve this. We are simply sitting here complaining about it while defending the government that causes these problems to continue.

9 thoughts on “The Problems with Conservatives and Everyone Else

  1. Second, if you believe in your governmental system then you absolutely must stop tying in your Christian beliefs with your conservatism. The separation of church and state is crucial to a free nation, so before you go complaining about how China suffers from lack of free speech, look at the plank in your eye which is your efforts to stop gay marriage based on religious principles. It is truly impossible to be Christian and conservative, for Jesus was a radical person who stood up for the poor and spent most his time with slimy tax collectors who constantly cheated people.

    Your blog is interesting. I read very few, but I did read this. Would you please consider what I am going to say with an open mind and I will explain another point of view.

    The reason you think Christianity and conservatism are mutually exclusive is that you fail to understand the end result of socialism, Marxism, and communism. Many liberals do not understand that the only way to actually help the poor is through the principles of conservatism and freedom from government tyranny. A government that seeks to take from the rich and give to the poor only offers temporary relief to the poor and long-term poverty for everyone. Once the government has taken all that the rich have you have the following situation. Those whose choices and/or lifestyles led them to poverty will return there. Those who were tax-payers and employment opportunity providers are no longer able to pay high taxes and unemployment has reached record proportions. Everyone’s standard of living goes down and there is now no help for the poor.

    History teaches us that not only will the standard of living go down, many unscrupulous and greedy politicians will have used the tax revenue to line their own pockets and retain power. (much like the tax collectors in the Bible that you mentioned) Those philanthropist, who have given to charity for years, will no longer be in a position to aid the poor. Poverty is a universal condition by now. Study the history of socialist and communist nations and you will see that I am right. Our nation has a high standard of living and our poorest people are considered rich by those in third world countries. Capitalism and free enterprise have enabled this to be so. It is not a sin to be rich.

    You are right that Jesus spent time with tax collectors, but he did much more than that. Jesus offered forgiveness and a new way of life to these tax collectors. Matthew is an example of how Jesus changed a heart and a life. Jesus spent time with sinners because he came to seek and to save that which was lost. He never condoned the sin.

    Conservatives do not believe in abortion, which takes the lives of the most innocent among us. Conservatives understand that the constitution was written to prevent politicians from taking away freedom. Even in the case of marriage that you mentioned, it is free speech that has allowed the debate.

    No where in the constitution is there a clause that states there is to be “separation of church and state”. What it does say is that the state may not organize a religion or force citizens to worship, but rather everyone is free to worship as he or she believes. See:

    Here is what the lst admendment actually says:

    Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

  2. I just think that right now, the loud ones are making poor choices…

    What poor choices are you talking about?

    I am conservative and I agree that our country is very polarized. I really am not interested in debating either, but I just can’t agree that Christians cannot be conservative. I am both, Christian and conservative. Because many liberals, especially younger people, believe that liberals are compassionate and conservatives are not, I made the assumption that this is what you believe. This really isn’t true but I understand that those who think it is true really do believe this fallacy. I think debate, not insults or arguing, but explaining one’s reasoning helps people find common ground.

    It seems to me that the conflict of beliefs would occur when a person tries to be liberal and Christian, although I do have friends who say they are both.

  3. Maybe it does. But I’m really glad you commented because it makes me think about what I was really trying to say in my post. Sometimes I just spew out things I’ve heard and don’t necessarily believe. As far as Christianity goes, probably no one can have it completely right. Young liberals will probably be the new source of frustration for Americans now that Obama is in office. Tolerance can go too far. Anyone can be compassionate but many are not. I guess with the quote you have of me I was referring to O’Reilly and Glen Beck, who keep talking about how Global Warming is a myth. It’s a frustrating argument for me because the climate change threat is so abstract in many ways. I think the evidence does support the theory that we’re warming up the earth, and I don’t see why politicians would make that up. And they argue against it in such a rude, unintelligent, aggressive, and obnoxious way that it is not a dialogue anymore.

  4. Kim, I apologize if I come across as an obnoxious “know-it-all”. I really don’t mean to and I realize there is a great deal I do not know. I am very passionate about some things and I guess Christianity and conservatism are the main two.

    I think the evidence does support the theory that we’re warming up the earth, and I don’t see why politicians would make that up.

    I am older and I lived through the “ice age” scare and also through Jimmy Carter’s term, so I am very careful about ‘scares’ and ‘liberalism’.

    It appears to me that politicians make the global warming scare up for two reasons. Politicians can call for higher taxes and more government bureaucracy to combat the “problem”.

    I am a skeptic concerning Al Gore because I live just below the state of TN and I know a little too much about Gore. If you recall, his own state did not vote for him when he ran for president. He is far from being a scientist.

    The link below might interest you.

  5. The thing is, the government and nonprofits could be working to fight global warming for ulterior motives, but it doesn’t mean those motives are evil. Urban planners use climate change as a reason to create walkable communities so people don’t have to drive so much. Take away the climate change motive and you still have many other motives for doing this: it’s healthy to walk places, it looks better, and it’s more fair to those handicapped or those too young/old to drive. Even without the threat of climate change, we are still dependent on oil and Saudi Arabia has us on a tight leash because their economy depends on our business with them. Also, I woudn’t pin this whole climate change movement on Al Gore. He was merely a spokesperson and he didn’t invent the problem. Climate Change is a symbol of what needs to change about America–our “high standard of living,” just because we can afford it, is not fair in my opinion. And just because other countries have poorer people does not mean our poor people are lucky. Homeless in 20 degree weather is homeless in 20 degree weather.
    Comparing ourselves to the rest of the world and saying we’re better or more advanced is a fallacy because climate and economy and culture changes by mile. Looked at one way, we’re lucky because most of us can afford cars, but looked at another way, we’re trapped because we can’t get most places without a car. We’re lucky to have superstores with so much produce and goods all in one place, but then the produce is from across the country and the goods are cheaply made and maybe this way of commerce is destructive to our immediate communities and maybe this big box chain and car culture ruined our economy. Maybe it didn’t. Maybe it was high taxes or something.

  6. I am very much a believer as far as taking care of our environment and practicing good stewardship with the resources we have been blessed with.

    You said,

    Climate Change is a symbol of what needs to change about America–our “high standard of living,” just because we can afford it, is not fair in my opinion.

    I suppose you mean we should not be allowed to have a lifestyle that pollutes the environment. Certainly the fact that we have a high standard of living has been a blessing not just to us, but to others as well…

    “The U.S. Government Provides More Foreign Aid than Any Other Country.”
    Yes. The United States gives more cash to developing countries than any other nation. Of the $69 billion in development assistance given by the world’s 22 top donors in 2003, the U.S. government contributed $16.3 billion, or just under 25 percent.

    Taking care of our environment is something that has been a priority of the US for as long as I can remember. The good thing, it seems to me, about the US is that we often take action when we are not required to do so. There is a very delicate balance between fighting diseases by controling insects and causing suffering with insecticides. I am sure we can do better, but the US seems to have managed about the best balance of any place in the world. Smoke and waste are certainly a problem, but there are many regulations in place. Still, we probably could do better.

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