Where Are the Women?

ow do drop ceiling lights get dusty? You’d think dust would just fall and be done with it.  Not float up. I mean, dust is mostly dead skin. So. Weird. Maybe it’s from the little people living within the walls and ceiling. Making a mess.

I was just thinking about that because GVMC’s ceiling grates are really clean, and the office I cleaned last night had identical grates except for a lot of dust.

Does anyone know of a good book written by a female that does what Judd Apatow (Knocked up, 40-year-old Virgin mastermind) did for the male gender in film? I mean, he made a funny and realistic genre that is about men but appeals to everyone (except those who don’t like nudity and bad language). Bromantic Comedies. The women in them are usually smarter than the guys, and funny, too. And not cardboard. I appreciate it. So many women enjoy these movies that maybe we don’t need females writing stuff this good?  But yes we do. Think about how New Moon broke records. We all know it is a terrible movie based on a terrible book. Yet it drew a largely female huge huge audience. Way to represent, Stephenie Meyer. We’re smarter than this! Please! I beg of you!

What would a female version of I Love You Man look like? Is it even possible? Women hold grudges. Their sisterly love for each other is fragile and often dissipated by incoming boyfriends. They’re not up front or honest with each other, and they have to constantly be sensitive to each other’s hyper-sensitive emotions. (Disclaimer: this has all been my experience. I’d like to hear about yours if it differs.) A woman can’t tell her friend her sweater’s ugly or her favorite movie sucks, even in a joking way. There’s no joking way to do that in the female world. It is always mean. There are always ulterior motives.  There is always competition.

That’s why chick flicks always have the safely neutral sidekick chick friend who is not important to the script at all. The point of a chick flick is to match up the main girl with a guy she didn’t know she loved. Writers of these screenplays pat themselves on the back for making these women career-oriented and strong, thinking they’re encouraging a feeling of empowerment. It’s not doing it for me. And neither is the “but it’s cuuuute” argument for these movies that I hear from a lot of women. It doesn’t work because the main character isn’t interesting or real. She’s just pretty.

Maybe the problem isn’t the way people are writing our media (isn’t it usually guys who write chick flicks?), but the way we’re writing our own lives. It’s hard to know how to overcome a society that is more patriarchal than everyone realizes. How do we surrender this competitive control in order to have comradeship with fellow females? We barely feel any control in general.

I wish I could edit my past–how I’ve treated girl friends and how I’ve approached new friendships.  I hope we can figure out a better way to present and represent ourselves in a successful way.


2 thoughts on “Where Are the Women?

  1. Hmm, well ones i can think of include Thelma and Louise (which did cause a lot of controversy) and the Women. But I don’t really remember a lot about either of these. You make some really good points! Except, I guess maybe I’m an exception, but pretty much all of my best friends are girls and most of them think Twilight is ridiculous…

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