Is Democracy Really the Best Form of Government?

I’m having my doubts. Our system of government is run by majority. But I have been proven time and again that majority movements are erroneous and not intelligent (the classic argument that Jesus was crucified by majority vote). And it implies that the minority thought pool does not deserve what it wants simply because less people want it.

Democracy would work if people were basically good. But people are basically selfish and greedy and that will never change. Please debate me.


After some WIKIPEDIA research, first: I need to read Plato. Second: I really think the “Popular Rule as a Facade” idea has some weight to it. Do we have as much control as we think? Even if the government let us do what we want under the checks and balances of our system, the media and movements of common thought are dictating us as we let them. My ignorance and apathy are a danger unto myself!

Third: Why shouldn’t we be inventing completely new systems for ourselves? Our founding fathers did. I want to start over.


2 thoughts on “Is Democracy Really the Best Form of Government?

  1. I don’t know much about politics, so I’ll just stick with this: did you make these little snowflakes happen? Or is it something wordpress did? Either way, I LOVE ’em!

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