Confused by Artprize Winner

I didn’t see the piece that won Artprize, so I don’t really see why it won. But it doesn’t really matter. I had ULTERIOR MOTIVES with this whole shindig. It did wonders for Grand Rapids’ community and economy, and I’m almost like, who cares about the art?

But I really enjoyed the art. Don’t get me wrong. You know which ones I enjoyed! See my top 10!

Anyway. I took the bus yesterday and it only comes every half hour on Eastern. It was quite full when I finally got on it. Still worth it though. Walking down Wealthy Street is a Pleasant Experience.

Thought from boyfriend’s grandpa: Why did they rename Campau Circle to be Rosa Parks Circle?  Not a rhetorical question.  It was noble? of people to try to change neighborhoods by changing their names, but if the name had nothing to do with the place then it’s just misnamed, isn’t it?  Every city seems to have a Martin Luther King JR Drive–it’s like a rite of passage–but does it really change anything?  What’s in a freaking name?  A lot, I think. But you have to choose the right name.  I guess my friend Max got me thinking about this first. I can’t not give him credit.


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