Hmm Planners. You might want to PLAN something.

What was most interesting about the meetings we held for area planners a couple weeks ago was that none of them wanted to plan where the population might go. They only wanted to predict. I kept hearing “This is probably how it’s going to happen, not what I want to happen.” As if some indestructable force was making everyone comply to a few people’s desire to live on a 2 acre lot.

Weird. I thought planners were supposed to have visions? This is how our car culture came to be. Don’t think it’s what everyone wanted. They had to seriously destroy the railroad system and SERIOUSLY fund the highway building to get cars to be the number one priority of each American (whether they know it or not).  If Robert Moses had listened to everyone saying “Oh things will probably go on the same way, we can’t change that…” then we wouldn’t have highways cutting through neighborhoods and awful subdivisions. Oh dear!

Visions are dangerous, motives can be evil, and agendas sneaky, but without any of them, we will die as a nation. I truly believe that.  Michigan will sink into a black hole and all the other states will follow quickly. We need to create places again. How many times do I have to say it!

Honk if you agree!


2 thoughts on “Hmm Planners. You might want to PLAN something.

  1. There used to be a saying in Grand Rapids. If you wanted something done concerning community development, you’d plan to have a plan.

    I agree with your statement concerning the need to create places again. This can happen anywhere where there is already life. This is happening in Caledonia, but most importantly Grand Rapids. Without this as a place, the West Michigan region will loose its capital — its connection to America and the global community.

    1. That is a funny saying, but I hope it’s history. Isn’t it silly the lengths we have to go to to get a stop sign put up? Why is it so hard to do good in our communities?

      Thanks for all your comments. Your ideas about intensifying suburban infrastructure are really interesting. The current attitudes towards suburbs for planners is to destroy and build new urbanism. But I don’t think that’s possible or desirable. There are different degrees of suburbs and many are walkable. I would definitely appreciate more apartments even in Alger Heights.

      I appreciate this thoughtful feedback and hope that you keep reading Live Little!

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