Tumblr somehow solved all of my problems

Here’s a list of reasons I like Tumblr, after one day of using it:

  1. It immediately posts all of my shared articles, which I couldn’t get out there otherwise unless I promoted that obscure page of my shared articles.
  2. It posts everything I post on Tumblr directly to Twitter, so I don’t have to leave behind my Twitter base.
  3. It displays everything I post in an attractive way, and still looks clean.
  4. I can customize my Tumbler page with the exact look and colors I want (UNLIKE WORDPRESS!)
  5. I can follow people, and people have really cool projects. There’s a peanut butter tumblr, a vintage cartoon one, tons of music ones. It’s expanding my horizons.
  6. If someone posts a photo, it is displayed and you don’t have to click a link to get to it.
  7. I can represent myself as a whole: the amigurumi-freak, the urban-planning freak, the glam rock freak can all be on the same page. (I guess I consider myself a freak)

By no means am I giving up my WordPress. It’s a lot more solid and stable. I’m married to WordPress, but I just a made a new wild friend called Tumblr.


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