A Time to Worry, a Time to Stress

Confession time!

I obsess over time. I already used the word twice. Wow. I spend my days scheduling out when I’ll do what, then get caught up on the internet, waste two hours, and beat myself up. I also have the mindset that I must always be doing something productive. My leg is constantly shaking as if I smoke cigarettes.  I’m counting my calories, I have my daily rituals, I freak out if I can’t do something that’s totally unimportant and can be put off until the next day.

I need to calm down! Duh.

How? I guilt myself into this lifestyle, I think, because I’m still unemployed three months after college. I have a great internship, but I need a job. The first week after graduation, all I did was look for jobs. Nothing. I’ve been applying steadily since then, but still nothing. Not even an interview. What am I doing wrong?  Or is it really just the economy?

I bet I’d still be worrying even if we had the economy we had in 1998. It’s my nature. But this is serious! College grads are in a bad spot. Overqualified people are taking their entry-level jobs. Does my bachelor’s mean nothing? Of course it does, why do I even ask. I dream of working at Subway. With my Bachelor’s degree and two internships.

I’m sorry, I just wanted to voice how ridiculous this all is. I think for my own sanity, I’m going to chill out a bit and start blaming the economy more for my woes.


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