Freedom of Mobility

Americans always seem to be incredibly afraid of losing their freedoms. Some responses to my anti-car transportation ideas have been “they might start controlling what kind of cars we buy!”

Guess what. They’re already controlling the very fact that we buy cars. It’s not even a choice for most people.

Also, Many are confused by the idea that we’re addicted to oil. They see cars as a necessity, therefore, it’s like saying we’re addicted to air.

Guess what. Cars are a necessity here.

And that’s a crime.

It’s an infringement on freedom to force one mode of transportation on a person. One that causes 40,000 deaths a year, one that costs $6000 a year, one lonely, frustrating, stressful, and unsustainable mode of transportation. It’s either that or walking/biking dangerously close to these dangerous shells. It’s either that or, if you’re lucky, the bus.

We’re addicted to oil, we’re dependent on it, and other countries are making sure we stay dependent on it.

Do you know how cheap it is to install parking lots for bikes?  How expensive it is to build parking lots for cars?  Do you know what amazing good a Bus Rapid Transit line would do for your city? This country is insane. Such potential–youngsters and disabled people and old people could get around on their own.

This is not about being “GREEN,” it’s a real look at our freedoms.  This wasteland is holding us back from rebuilding the economy. Time to rebuild the wasteland.


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