Amigurumi. Crocheted Stuffed Toys.

Amigurumi is quite the microtrend. Unlikely for me. I used to hate any trend that tried to make crochet or knitting “cool” again. Like those atrocious scarves that were all furry and scratchy. Ick. Anything that’s well done is nice, and you are the coolest person if you can knit a nice-looking scarf.

Anyway. Amigurumi creatures take about 2 or 3 hours to make. I didn’t even know how to crochet, and still don’t know how to crochet a scarf or anything that requires squares. I learned from a YouTube video how to crochet a ball, and the rest is history. YES I’m 22. I had an amigurumi apple, snowman, chick, and meatwad on my desk all semester at Hope College. My roommates were likely weirded oooouuuut. They were juniors and I was a senior. They were so eager to be mature, especially the one getting married.

I can’t seem to choose hobbies that are normal. Every hobby I pick up alienates me more from everyone else. Bluegrass? Amigurumi? Knitting? I was in knitting club at Hope. Last semester we met in a very public lounge where people would walk through to get to the snack bar or the ATM. We had a lot of sneers, rude comments, and weird looks. Dear me. For a college that celebrates spring by pushing each other in shopping carts around campus, and getting all emotional over a tug-of-war, they were sooo judgmental about a productive and age-old craft such as knitting.

What is up with people? So quick to call people weird. To question what people are doing. It’s not going to stop us weirdies. It’s just annoying. They look at us strangely for knitting and then turn around and read Twilight? A series about vampires? College girls watching High School Musical? Do these people really have anything on us?

But anyway, I know somewhere over the Rainbow, or across Lake Michigan, there are cities with hip 20-something women going to amigurumi classes and making their own greeting cards and buying vintage clothes simply because they like them, not to be “indie” or hipster. Life. There’s so much you can do. You can make curtains out of sheets. You can write a blog. You can write! You can learn to crochet from YouTube. What a world, what a world.

I made a frickin’ owl out of some yarn and polyester fiber fill. What did you ever do?


I pretty much copied the owl from Amigurumi World even though I’d love to own that book and I don’t. I still don’t know how to follow patterns, I just kind of wing it. Sorry for the pun!

MeatwadThis is a cartoon character, if you’re wondering why I made this weird ball-dude.

Amigurumi PenguinThis is Tacky Kitsch the Penguin. He’s missing a wing. I cut them out of felt and have yet to sew the other one on. I’ve been using black round beads for eyes but apparently you can buy eyes that snap on and are only half-spheres online. These would work a lot better, since this poor penguin has kind of bug-eyes.  If you want a free pattern for a legitimate penguin, go here.

For more of my projects and patterns, visit my Craft Site!


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