Living Lonely

I was not looking forward to moving back home after graduating college last summer. It reminded me of all the summers I’ve spent through grade school alone in my house while everyone else was at work. Saved by the Bell, talk shows, soap operas droned on TV. I’m pretty good at entertaining myself (I am doing hubpages now–very addicting and distracting), but the loneliness gets to me.

I think this captivity and isolation I have felt has fed a lot of my obsession with building better communities–physically and socially. There have been a lot of things that have helped me–my friends, good music, guitar, writing–but none of these things can replace the need for people in my life. When my family comes home at night, I accomplish a lot more. Just having people near me gives me more confidence and drive.

I hope whatever job finds me will be a good place to be. I know having somewhere to go will help. I will hopefully find an apartment soon. I also plan on going to some community events next week, held by the city. My hometown, Grand Rapids, does a ton of stuff. The efforts of the city government amaze me.

Moral of the story: get your kids involved in something in the summer. Most of our communities are not set up for spontaneous people-meeting, but there are so many things going on to combat it. Living small does not have to be lonely.


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