Motivated but Exhausted

I wish there were a comfortable way to sleep and do homework at the same time. I really do want to produce good works for these classes, even though what I refuse to name or complain about (senioritus) should be taking over my life. See how much easier blognonfiction is for me than research papers?

I got an amazing response to my “Poet’s poet” poem today at the senior reading. I’m glad. Gosh. I wish I could bottle up a day like today and open it in six months. This is the unreal joy and accomplishment I expected to feel throughout college. Instead, it was one big fog that is just clearing up now. And I’m at the lake. I’m just lucky lucky lucky right now.
You must dazzle yourself with the light of every moment of your life. I say this paraphrased Whitman quote to myself often and wonder how it’s possible. Then it’s done for me.
Maybe it’s just the weather. But it’s rarely just the weather, isn’t it.


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