Renewal in more ways than Green

The blog world is extremely excited about green jobs. The Green For All blog updates about green jobs.  Through it, I found a movie trailer for a documentary called The Greening of Southie. I was drawn to this because I read All Souls, by Michael Patrick MacDonald, which is a memoir about Southie, or South Boston and the incredible problems there. These projects were full of drugs, crime, suicide, gang lines. The author lost four of his siblings to the neighborhood. It is an intense autobiography but well worth the read. The most surprising aspect was that the people in Southie loved Southie. They didn’t realize that it was so bad. It was their neighborhood.  MacDonald’s mother moved to a trailer park in Colorado and hated how spread out everything was, that there was no public space, no stoops on which to hang out with the neighbors. It is great to see news about Southie today. We hear a lot about green building and green jobs but I have hope that this documentary will show exactly how it is being done. The government, in the 70s and 80s, was experimenting on the poor in places like Southie. Now people are putting efforts into their own communities and fixing what was collectively broken. This is democracy.

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